As a lawyer who helps people get their drivers license back for people that have been revoked by the Secretary of State of Illinois for driving under the influence of alcohol, it makes me very happy when we receive an order granting the driving privileges for one of our clients. In the past few weeks we have received several orders giving our clients back their licenses.

Many of these people have been without a license for years. Why do they wait so long? Some people are nervous, others don’t want to face the pressure of being asked specific questions as to what happened with their DUIs. What I have found in the many years that I have been helping people with these issues is that once the person decides to go for it, to get back their license, the battle is won.

The first step is the hardest step. As long as you are eligible for reinstatement, we will find a way to get your license back. If you have been waiting 20 years or 2 years to get your license reinstated, you are waiting too long. Feel free to contact me with any questions, no pressure.