Do you have four or more DUI convictions on your record? If you do and you try to get your license reinstated in Illinois you will find out that there is a lifetime ban against you. This means that until the law changes, even if your last DUI was fifteen years ago, that you cannot reinstate your license in Illinois.

Things may be changing in the future due to the fact that there is a proposal in the Illinois House of Representatives to allow those who have been banned for life from driving to obtain relief. The negotiations and proposals keep progressing but there is hope.

I am setting up a database of clients who are currently not allowed even to obtain a hearing to clear their license in Illinois based on the four or more DUI law. If you have been told previously by the Illinois Secretary of State that you were not eligible for a formal administrative hearing, you can contact my office to be placed on our database so that we can move forward with your hearing if and when the law changes.

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