Illinois Drivers License Lawyer Will Clear Your License Revocation

nacda-badgeIs your driver’s license revoked because of a DUI conviction in the State of Illinois? Have you been unable to obtain a valid driver’s license in another state due to a hold on your license from the Illinois Secretary of State?  If your license is revoked in the State of Illinois for any reason, driver’s license lawyer John W. Callahan can help.  As a license reinstatement lawyer who has helped hundreds of people get their license reinstated after being revoked for DUI in Illinois, John W. Callahan has the experience needed for you to get your license cleared in Illinois and get you driving again.  His success rate in obtaining license reinstatement for his clients is outstanding and exceeds a 95% success rate on the first attempt!

The reinstatement process can be a long and confusing road if you try to get reinstated by yourself.  It would be like performing heart surgery on yourself for the first time – and if you haven’t done it before you won’t know what you are doing.  Preparation is the key to a successful license reinstatement hearing.  It is tragic to spend your hard earned money on a lawyer who does not prepare you the right way for your administrative hearing.  That is what John W. Callahan does differently.  He believes that the only way to succeed at your first attempt to reinstate or clear your license is to be throughly prepared.  That is why it is important to retain an experienced driver’s license reinstatement attorney to give you the fighting chance you deserve to get back on the road again, legally.  If you are revoked in Illinois for a DUI conviction, you will never be able to drive legally again in Illinois or any other state until you go through the reinstatement process through an Illinois Secretary of State administrative hearing.  Contact license reinstatement lawyer John W. Callahan immediately.  He is patient and understanding and will fight for your rights with the Secretary of State and guide you through the entire reinstatement process step by step in the administrative hearing until your driver’s license is reinstated.

If you are looking to get your Illinois license reinstated you should be aware that the entire law regarding license reinstatement in Illinois has changed effective  January 1, 2016, so if you need help discussing how the new law change might effect you, feel free to contact us at anytime.

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